5 Reasons Why Outdoors Activities Are Vital for Toddlers

In this day and age of mobile phones and the Internet there is a high possibility kids know how to download an app rather than climb a tree. The tech generation has captivated adults and kids to the extent of growing a tree through an app seem more normal than physically planting trees.

The changes in our lifestyles and lack of space in busy cities have reduced the opportunity for toddlers to enjoy being outdoors. However, this is no excuse, outdoor activity is vital for the development of a young child and here are 7 reasons why.

Exposure to sunlight

It is a known fact that the morning sun provides a great deal vitamin D crucial for the body’s development. Similarly, being outdoors affects brain activity and helps kids to better concentrate.

It helps in bone development, muscle function and builds overall immunity of a child, as their bodies grow resilient against germs and dust from a young age. So, the chances of them recovering from a cold is faster.

Great form of exercise

Whether your toddler is running around a playground or climbing a climbing frame, the vigorous exercise helps their energy and strength. Kids who regularly run or even ride bicycles and injure themselves grow up to be healthier, immune to pain and creative compared to kids who spend most of their times indoors. This acts as a great energy burner getting them ready for a good night’s sleep at the end of the day.

Provide learning opportunities

Toddlers absorb fundamental knowledge within the first few years of life. Whether it is when they eat sleep play kids are constantly learning new things about their surroundings. Allowing a child to grow outdoors develop new hobbies, creative thinking and empathy towards people and the environment. Interaction with other kids during their play times helps them to become more social, learn new words and games and shape their personalities. 

Recovery and stress relief

Kids are prone to becoming tired and cranky with mood swings due to various reasons. It is scientifically proven a walk-through nature such as a park or simple gardening such as planting seeds or helping to water a garden helps them to cope with stress and improve their moods. Just like adults, toddlers too need mood fixers and introducing them tonature-based stress relief patterns help them grow to have nature-based hobbies and a love for the environment.

Building social skills

Interaction with other people from a young age shapes how a child acts socially as they are older. While some shyer kids will require continuous motivation to join others for a game, some thrive in the presence of people.

However, either way continuously interacting with other kids or adults help them to understand behavioral patterns and build an altered mindset which is vital as they grower older.

A toddler should be allowed to be outdoors as much as possible as they are in the age where they learn by sight and touch. The young years of a child’s life create the platform of how they behave as adults.