Numerous Benefits of Learning to Play Drums

Have you notice when you open YouTube that most of the tutorials for playing instruments is for guitars, ukuleles and keyboards? People who are becoming famous for covering songs of famous artists are also those who sings with the mentioned accompanying instruments.

But the people who are going viral are usually those who play the drums. Why? Because playing drums is awesome and when someone is a good drummer, they are really, really good and we could not help but be awestruck when their drumsticks started flying and hitting all the drums and cymbals.

It might be intimidating to try and learn how to play the drums since there are a lot of things you must do all at the same time (stepping on the bass drum pedal while drumming on snare drums) but there are numerous benefits to learning how to play the drums and they are as follows:

Playing the drums is really fun

Who doesn’t want to hit stuff especially if those things are making wonderful sound? Drums also set the tempo and the mood of the song so if you become the drummer and you play in a band; you’d be the one responsible to put everyone in a party mood.

Playing the drums is a stress reliever

Playing any kinds of instrument helps with the stress but the drums is the best when it comes to relieving stress because it is also a physical workout and the more you hit the drums, the better you feel since you are releasing your pent-up energy and emotions in every strike. If you are stressed because of an inconsiderate boss or a rude customer, try and picture their faces every time you hit the cymbals and you’d feel a lot better.

Playing the drums is a full body workout

You might think that playing the drums and your arms and legs would be exercised. But the truth is, it is a full body workout. Before playing, of course you need to prepare and setting up a drum kit would need the use of your full body and drum parts are not light. You have to lift and haul especially if you need to move them from one place to another (drums make a lot of noise and you would not want your neighbours or your partner to complain about your new hobby, don’t you?)

Playing the drums help with your motor skills

Since you would be using both your hands and one of your foot to step on the bass drum pedal, your motor skills need to be in developed for your arm and foot movement to be coordinated and in sync to be in the rhythm of the song, otherwise you’d be a beat faster or slower and if you are playing with others, you might mess up their beat as well.

With these numerous benefits, you might be encouraged to pick up drumsticks and start playing but you might be discouraged at how expensive drum kits could be. If you are just beginning to learn, settle for second hand drum kits and once you begin to get the hang out of it, save money for a new one.

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